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ALISON LOVE is an artist & photographer from Southern California.

She has dedicated herself to the discovery of absolute beauty, in life, through the lens and beyond. 

Alison finds the essence of Beauty in people and in the world that longs to be seen, and beyond what we know as beautiful. It is in the remembrance of slowing down to our true nature, deep permission to be ourself, and to be healed 'that the Beauty is found'. 

Alison has been a photographer for over two decades. Beginning as a young teenager, capturing life behind the camera has been a way to understand the world and life around her.

She is continually being called to evolve herself through the artistic identity, realizing its a continued journey of meeting herself and the world through the gift of each day.

Alison's Art is continually expressed and evolving through the mediums of photography, ritual and healing spaces.




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