FAQ - The Beauty Sessions



What happens in a Beauty Session

Our time is unravel through conversations, prompts and simply me listening to you. Each session is so unique. Depending on your intention and our location, we will explore your world and how you want to express yourself. .

Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not! its amazing to find out where your edge is, if leaving your clothes on is your edge or taking off just your clothes to your undies, or finding sexiness outdoors in nature. There are so many fun ways to be yourself that do not require nudity.

Why would I want to do a Beauty Session?

Perhaps it's a special time in your life and your wanting to simply see yourself as you are now, raw, and real. Or You have never undressed in front of the camera and it's something you've always wanted to do.

What's different about this sessions than your other shoots?

The Beauty Sessions are different because its process based and really leaves a lot of permission about how you feel and less about how it looks per pose. Sometimes it takes a witness to hold space in non-judgmental way to allow you to see your inner beauty.

What will I do with this images?

For some, they have printed and framed on the wall. I will share a few resources you can have your fave photos printed into a mini soft book, or you can use them as art for another project.

Will be able to use this images on Social media?

Yes and No.

You will definitely walk away with images you can share, and there will be a handful you will probably keep private.

I’m nervous yet intrigued, what should I expect?

We will talk and connect more about the session we design just for you, we will decide if indoors, outdoors with clothes, or without is your preference. I have a H&MU girl we can add to the experience if you see yourself needing that. When we actually shoot our time will be held in space with your journey, allowing you to unfold in your own time.